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Former Brentwood police lieutenant takes on new role


The face is a familiar one, it just takes a minute to place him. But once Kevin King, the general manager and operator of Brentwood Outdoor Living, shakes your hand and says hello, you have that “ah-ha” moment.

Yes, that Kevin King: former Brentwood police lieutenant.

“My customers are so happy to see me, I almost feel like a fireman,” joked King. “The response has been really great.”

The well-known, popular lieutenant, who retired from the force in 2008, is a familiar face in Brentwood, known in recent years for his myriad community-service projects and support for local organizations and charities. When he retired, the personable King had trouble sitting still and decided to mix his passion for motorcycles with sales, including a gig selling Harleys in Oakland, working with the world-famous Arlen Ness in Dublin, and most recently running an Indian motorcycle dealership in San Jose.

But, when the commute became too much, King started looking a little closer to home. Enter Brentwood Outdoor Living.

“This was a great opportunity,” said King, who added going from motorcycle sales to outdoor products was not that much of a stretch. “Motorcyles, spas? Both are luxury items.”

King opened the doors to the public at the end of July and stocked his new business with a variety of upscale, premium products, including outdoor kitchens, luxury swim spas, patio furniture, grills, fire tables, umbrellas, hammocks, swings, accessories and more. All items are top-of-the-line brands, including Hotspring Spas,  Louisiana, Alfresco, Artisan, Twin Eagles grills, and of course, The Big Green Egg. With a selection of brands too numerous to name, King and his staff say that while the products speak for themselves, it’s the customer service that brings in their customers and keeps them coming back.

“We’re all about customer service,” said King. “No project is too big or too small. We offer quality products at competitive prices, and we’ll offer you as much or as little help as you want.”

 The large showroom offers clients the opportunity to view a variety of options and work with the knowledgeable staff to meet each customer’s specific needs.

“I love the products we sell, and if you love what you sell, it makes all the difference,” said salesman Dwight Williams. “This is a great place to work. People come in and say what a beautiful place this is; we hear that everyday, and they’re right.”

For King, working close to home in his own community is worth everything.

“My wife definitely likes having me back,” said King, who has five grandchildren. “This has been a great opportunity, and I’m having a lot of fun.”